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  • Dr Massimo Bernini

    Dr Massimo Bernini

  • Barbara Faden

    Barbara Faden

  • Julie Kleeman

    Julie Kleeman

  • Lesley MacKinnon

    Lesley MacKinnon

  • Andy Metcalf

    Andy Metcalf

Dr Massimo Bernini

Dr Massimo Bernini is a full time Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry at the Central Middlesex Hospital, CNWL (Central and North West London) Foundation Trust, where he has held a substantive post since 1998.


During his 16 years experience in the UK, he has developed a specialist interest in mood disorder and bipolar affective disorder, as well as Adult ADHD (Attentive Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).


You can contact Dr Bernini by email: bermax2012@gmail.com

Barbara Faden

Barbara Faden is an experienced Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (UKCP reg, MBACP, FPC). She works one-on-one to help individuals gain greater self-awareness so they can make more appropriate life choices and live more fully. This may involve uncovering the deeper roots of troublesome behaviours by exploring experiences, feelings, dreams and desires and patterns of relating that are contributing to present difficulties. These patterns are hard to recognise or change on one’s own, but can be identified and worked on together in the therapeutic relationship.


Barbara’s work covers areas such as self-esteem, anxiety, identity, relationship and work problems as well as issues of spirituality and living with greater purpose and meaning. She uses classical analytical as well as Jungian approaches to help people develop greater understanding, confidence, self-esteem and personal growth and enrichment.


To contact Barbara for an initial meeting, ring 07709 087745 or email barbarafaden@hotmail.co.uk.


You can find out more about psychotherapy with Barbara by looking at her website: www.counsellingandpsychotherapy.net

Julie Kleeman

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor with a nursing background.


I offer affordable counselling, providing a confidential, non-judgmental space, helping people feel better, enable change if desired, and develop coping strategies.


As well as supporting people going through difficult emotional times in their lives, for example bereavement and anxiety, my medical experience means I am particularly able to help those struggling with physical ill health.


I believe you must feel comfortable with the counsellor in order to talk openly, and therefore arrange an initial assessment meeting to see whether you wish to work with me. It is an opportunity to explore your concerns, and think about what you would like to gain from counselling. I am often able to provide insight and help in a short course of sessions.


My qualifications include a Diploma in Adult Counselling from University of London and a Certificate in Counselling skills and attitudes from Westminster Pastoral Foundation. I am a registered member of the BACP and have been counselling since 1994. My nursing experience includes being a Sister in a Woman’s Health Unit and many years in a GP practice.



- Tel: 07976 950 257

- Email: Julie@kleeman.co.uk

- Web: www.juliekleeman.co.uk

Lesley MacKinnon

Lesley is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor. The psychodynamic method is a reflective approach in which Lesley and her client work together to think about the clients thoughts and feelings. An attempt is made to bring previously unconscious processes, which may have been driving the clients behaviour into conscious awareness. The work takes place in a supportive, non-judgemental and empathic atmosphere and Lesley is sensitive to the need for each client to work at his or her own pace. Lesley is registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and her professional body is the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC).


You can contact Lesley by calling her on 020 8883 9027. Or you can email her on nwcounselling@live.co.uk. More information is available on Lesley’s website which is www.nwlondoncounselling.co.uk

Andy Metcalf

I am an experienced and qualified psychotherapist who now works in two areas. The first is working with individuals who have somehow lost their way in life. Maybe this is because suddenly distressing symptoms have arisen. Perhaps its because a relationship has gone into crises. Sometimes unresolved issues from the past force the acknowledgement that something has to be faced and worked through. I bring a relational understanding to this work.


Recently I have also undertaken significant professional development work in couples counseling. This is a strand of my practice that is expanding.

I am a member of UKCP, FPC and IARPP.


If you would like to contact me, please email me on andymetcalf2@gmail.com or call me on 0208 348 5642. For more information, please see my website: londonbridgecounselling.com